10-Year-Old gave birth to a healthy baby girl in Colombia: One of the Youngest Mother

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The 10-year old girl from North Eastern Columbia recently gave birth to a healthy baby girl. The doctors claimed that a normal spontaneous delivery is not possible since the pelvic bone of the mother is too small or not well designed. The mother just gave birth through C-section.

10-year-old gives birth in Colombia

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The baby weighted approximately 2,500 grams or more or less five pounds. The girl arrived in the clinic at approximately 39 weeks. After giving birth, the baby is diagnosed as healthy and normal baby without any complications. Pregnant mothers this young could face major risks, according to doctors. They face a higher risk for pregnancy-induced hypertension (high blood pressure) or a dangerous condition called preeclampsia, in which a mom-to-be with high blood pressure also has protein in their urine, which causes sudden weight gain and swelling of the hands and face.

The issue of being impregnated of the young girl is starting to call attention to the public and government. However, the police said that they cannot prosecute the matter since the girl belongs to the indigenous Wayuu tribe, which is allowed to govern itself. However, the issue will be further investigated.




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