400-year-old diamond will be put on sale by Sotheby’s auction house

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Auction-house giant Sotheby’s has been given a real gem to sell. A 400-year-old diamond with a colorful and royal past will soon be up for auction.

The “Beau Sancy” weighs in at 34.98 carats and is expected to bring in $4 million at its auction in Geneva on May 14. This gem has quite a history, one that is worth the money alone. According to the Associated Press, France’s King Henri IV purchased the diamond from the Lord of Sancy as a gift for his wife, Marie de Medici.

400-year-old diamond

Credit: dailymail.co.uk

Marie sold the diamond in an attempt to gain back a part of her fortune. It was then passed down through four royal European families, with its last owners being descendants of Germany’s last emperor.

“It has a fascinating history, and really is a once-in-a-lifetime sale,” David Bennett, Sotheby’s jewelry chairman said. “When it was made in the 16th century, the pear cut was new, bold, and so it became the most sought-after jewel of its era. Before the ‘Beau Sancy,’ all diamonds were rudimentary,” he added.

The jewel was mined in the Indian city of Golconda.



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