95 and 98-year-old Couple: Oldest Newlyweds Ever (Video)

After 18 years of dating, California couple Lilian Hartley, 95 and Allan Marks, 98, tied the knot on Wednesday. The couple breaks the current title holders by at least two-years. Currently, the title of “The World’s Oldest Newlyweds” holds by 90-year-old Rose Pollard and 100-year-old Forrest Lunsway.

Oldest Newlyweds Ever

Image Credit: dailymail.co.uk

The couples, both widowed, have met 18 years ago in Palm Springs, California since 1994 when Marks complimented Hartley on her dress. The sweethearts never had time to get married before as they preferred to spend their time travelling, Desert Sun reports.

Video Credit: usatoday.com

As soon as they have provided proof of their ages, it will surely hold a Guinness record.



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