American Idol 2012 Top 6 Elimination Result: Elise Testone goes home (Video)

The “American Idol” Top 6 results show sapped much of its suspense in the way it picked the Bottom 3. And despite a pretty strong week overall from all six contestants, the result wasn’t especially surprising either.

elise testone eliminated

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Ryan Seacrest looking healthier than he did after apparently puking his guts out before Wednesday’s show — brings the contestants up in pairs, and the first two are more or less no-brainers. Jessica Sanchez is safe, Elise Testone is not. Hollie Cavanagh has no chance against Joshua Ledet.

The final pair, Skylar Laine and Phillip Phillips, offers a little bit of intrigue, but we’re not shocked when Phillip gets a pass to the Top 5. Nor are we when Seacrest immediately announces that Skylar is safe as well.

That means Hollie and Elise are on the block again. Elise is the one going home this week. She sings herself out to “Whole Lotta Love”.

American Idol Season 11 Top 5 finalists (in order of announcement)

  • Jessica Sanchezt
  • Joshua Ledet
  • Phillip Phillips,
  • Skylar Laine
  • Hollie Cavanagh


Video Credit: YouTube/americanidol



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