Anthony Popa Urria, two-year-old Calgary boy, Canada’s youngest person to join Mensa

A Calgary toddler has become the youngest person in Canada to join the ranks of the international high IQ society, Mensa.  Anthony Popa Urria, a two- years and nine months old boy has a staggeringly high IQ of 154, just a few points shy of the estimated IQs of Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking.

Anthony Popa Urria, Two-Year-Old Calgary Boy

Image Credit: Leah Hennel, Calgary Herald

He speaks three languages, English, Spanish and some Romanian, can read sentences in books he has not seen before, can write his name and many other words, and can solve complex, 70-piece puzzles, among his vast skills.

His grandmother Felicia, who looks after Anthony during the day while his parents are at work, said she noticed early on that Anthony was an exceptionally quick learner.

“He was very alert since he was about four months old. He was curious, looking around,” said Felicia. At six months, Anthony’s mother Laura said she realized he could identify letters of the alphabet.

Anthony is not the first kid genius to become a card-carrying Mensa member. Earlier this month a four-year-old British girl with an IQ of 159 became a Mensa member. In 2009, another British child reportedly became the youngest Mensa member ever at two-years and four months old, according to the BBC.



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