Apple Plan: Liquid metal to replace glass in next iPhone?

A couple years ago, Apple bought the rights to use an alloy called Liquidmetal exclusively in electronics, and since then the world has been wondering when they would use the technology.

According to Korea IT News, this year’s new iPhone could see the glass iPhone back replaced with this smooth, lightweight alloy.

iPhone liquid metal

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An online publication specializing in information technology news, reports that unnamed industry sources say that the next-generation iPhone is going to have a body made of Liquidmetal — which consists of “zirconium, titanium, nickel, copper and so forth.” This should give the device “an outer surface smooth like liquid,” In-soon adds.

It is possible that these earlier uses of Liquidmetal served as trial runs, and that Apple is now ready to make a product encased in the material. Then again, Apple may not want to make a phone entirely out of metal, since it can have downsides when it comes to cellular reception.



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