Basketball Grandma: Zhu Shumei becomes internet sensation [Video]

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Zhu Shumei, 76, of Eastern China runs through her usual exercise routine, a basketball. She plays this game for the past 20years. Zhu also runs 10 400-m laps and climbs a pole for a bit of strength training.

Zhu dubbed as “Basketball Grandma” was just part of the crowd at the Zhejiang Normal University campus in Jinhua, until recently, when student Song Huating was impressed by her solid form on the court.

Zhu Shumei’s husband divorced her when she was 54, leaving her sole custody of their mentally challenged daughter. To escape the demanding life of a caregiver, she picked up a basketball and began shooting at the university’s courts.

Zhu’s story has gone viral on Chinese blogs, which attracted more than 700,000 views in its first 12 hours online.

Watch the video below.

Basketball Grandma Zhu Shumei

Image Credit: Wiebo

Chinese Basketball Grandma

video credit: YouTube/Maxim Pino



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