Black Friday 2012: What not to buy among Black Friday deals

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Decide Inc., a consumer-price research firm, presented data that many of the holiday’s most popular gifts are not really sold at their lowest price on Black Friday. According to them, many items are cheaper at other times during the year.

Decide Inc. discovered that a Samsung 46-inch LCD television averaged $1,159 in October from 2008 through 2011, but sold for around $1,355 on Black Friday. Female shoppers looking for Ugg Boots in September or October paid around $85 whereas Black Friday bargain hunters paid about $136 — 59 percent more.

Black Friday also might not be an ideal time to buy Apple products for items are typically only marked down around 5 to 10 percent.

John Barbour, chief executive of electronic-toy maker LeapFrog Enterprises Inc., shared that in the old days, all of the great deals were on Black Friday, while now, some great deals are seen both on Black Friday and lots of offers throughout the season.

A record 226 million shoppers spent $52 billion dollars during last year’s Black Friday weekend, according to the National Federation of Retailers. The average customer spent $398.62 in 2011, up from $365.34 the year before.



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