Brown Recluse Spider consider as Most Dangerous Spider to Humans (Photo and Video)

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The brown recluse which belongs to a group of spiders is officially known as the most dangerous spider to humans because of it venom effects.

brown recluse spider

Image Credit: graftedno1

The physical reaction to a brown recluse spider bite depends on the amount of venom injected and an individual’s sensitivity to it. Some people are unaffected by a bite, whereas others experience immediate or delayed effects as the venom kills the tissues (necrosis) at the site of the bite.

The bite of the brown recluse spider can result in a painful, deep wound that takes a long time to heal. Fatalities are extremely rare, but bites are most dangerous to young children, the elderly, and those in poor physical condition.

It is difficult for a physician to accurately diagnose a “brown recluse bite” based simply on wound characteristics. It is absolutely necessary to have the spider for a positive identification. Necrotic wounds can result from a variety of agents such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and arthropods.

Video: Bitten in Illinois by a Brown Recluse

Video Credit: Youtube/chillicoth



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