Bumblebee Gecko: A new species of gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea (Photo)

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A new species of gecko with bumblebeelike black and yellow stripes was discovered in Papua New Guinea

Last May 2010, Herpetologist Robert Fisher of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center found two bumblebee geckos in Sohoniliu Village on Manus Island.

The gecko measures about 5 inches from head to tail, and in addition to its bumblebee like black and yellow stripes, it sports rows of skin nodules, adaptations that enhance its camouflage on forest.

According to Fisher and George Zug of the Smithsonian Institution, the genetics of the lizard shows that it was indeed a new species

“We’ve officially named it Nactus kunan for its striking color pattern — kunan means ‘bumblebee’ in the local Nali language,” Fisher said

A curator emeritus at the National Museum of Natural History, George Zug said “This species was a striking surprise, as I’ve been working on the genus since the 1970s, and would not have predicted this discovery,”

bumblebee gecko

Image Credit: USGS

There are two more species were found on the trip and await further analysis.



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