California family found Lexus in their backyard swimming pool

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A 40-year-old California male is indicted of pushing his Lexus by a dust retard wall and into a family’s backyard swimming pool. The man, Modesto Cabral, was arrested on guess of pushing underneath a change on Sunday after a 5:25 a.m. one-vehicle crash.

Lexus In Pool

Image Credit: AP/Beatriz Diaz

The La Puente, Calif., family described a weird stage to reporters. “We woke adult to an awful sound and looked outside, and a automobile was in a pool,” Janelle Diaz, a family’s 16-year-old daughter, told a San Gabriel Valley Tribune “We had always joked around about it—that someone was going to finish adult in a pool—because they’ve strike a wall before.”

The motorist apparently gathering his china 2006 Lexus GS430 true by a “T” intersection—and by a petrify wall. He climbed out of an automobile by a right front window after a automobile became submerged.



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