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China’s Next Space Plan: 100 satellites to launch from 2011-2015

Beijing, China – Space officials stated plans to complete 100 launch missions and send 100 satellites into space over the next five years. The country’s spending on the industry is keeping in proportion to the growth of its national economy. Xinhua reported on Saturday than on an average, China will complete about 20 launch missions […]

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The QWERTY Effect: How Typing gives impact on how we perceive words

A keyboard’s arrangement could have a small but significant impact on how we perceive the meaning of words we type. Specifically, the QWERTY keyboard may gradually attach more positive meanings to words with more letters located on the right side of the layout (everything to the right of T, G and B). The effect may […]

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Forbes Billionaires List: Sarah Blakely, youngest female billionaire

Forbes has named Spanx founder Sara Blakely, 41, the youngest female self-made billionaire. On the latest Forbes magazine billionaires list, it featured a new face and Blakely got that spot. She’s one of several billionaires who appear on the cover of the latest magazine’s issue. Acoording to Forbes, Blakely as the founder of women’s slimming […]

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First Brazilian gay couple succeeded having a child by IVF

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For the first time in history, Brazilian gay couple succeeded to have a child by means of in vitro fertilization (IVF). On Friday, baby girl Maria Teresa, was born January 29 in Pernambuco, Northern Brazil. Gay parents, Mailton Alves and Wilson Albuquerque, decided to have a child after 15 years of relationship. The couple’s decision […]

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95 and 98-year-old Couple: Oldest Newlyweds Ever (Video)

After 18 years of dating, California couple Lilian Hartley, 95 and Allan Marks, 98, tied the knot on Wednesday. The couple breaks the current title holders by at least two-years. Currently, the title of “The World’s Oldest Newlyweds” holds by 90-year-old Rose Pollard and 100-year-old Forrest Lunsway. The couples, both widowed, have met 18 years […]

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