Doggie duo teaches Chemistry [Video]

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Professor Matthew Hartings, a chemist at the American University in Washington, D.C., came up with an easy-to-understand and adorable way to teach chemistry. In “Dogs Teaching Chemistry,” Paige, a Border collie, and Dexter, a mixed breed, remain very well-behaved while demonstrating some aspects of chemical bonding. They also display the finer points of how a […]

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World’s Rarest Whale: spade-toothed beaked whale seen for first time in New Zealand

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World’s rarest whale that is almost unknown to science has been seen for the first time after two individuals; a mother  (17 feet or 5.3 meters long) and her male calf (11 feet  or 3.5 m long) were stranded and died on Opape Beach on the North Island of New Zealand. A report in the November 6th issue […]

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Hurricane Sandy floods New Jersey; Shark found in a front yard (Photos)

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After Hurricane Sandy pounded the eastern seaboard, a shark was photographed by WBTW swimming in the front yard of a flooded home in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey. WBTW has already captured a number of other remarkable images as a result of the storm, some of which are: streets entirely wiped out by rain in Atlantic City […]

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Polish pup set to break world record as smallest dog

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After Beyonce, the tiny pup who fit in a tablespoon at her birth in March and at two weeks old was just the size of an iPhone, and Milly, the pint-sized Chihuahua from Puerto Rico who had to be fed with an eyedropper when she was born in January and stood just 3 inches tall at three months, here […]

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Wild Event Video: 600 pound giant marlin jumps onto boat

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The video of “600lb Black Marlin Jumps in Boat and Lands on the Crew!” was edited by Jeff Hudson, and was uploaded on YouTube by a user named Offshoreterror, who stated: A nice black marlin off Cairns, Australia jumps and lands aboard the “Little Audrey.” The crew was lucky to escape with only minor injuries […]

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Kabang, the hero dog that lost snout arrives in U.S. for surgery

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A heroic dog that risked her own life to save the lives of two young girls in the Philippines is getting much needed help from a group of UC Davis veterinarians. The mixed-breed dog from the Philippines is now at the University of California, Davis, where the surgeons at the veterinary medical teaching hospital began […]

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Alleged Mastodon Tooth found by Fisherman

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Davy Villanueva, Fisherman, says he found what he believes to be the tooth of a prehistoric elephant along the banks of the San Antonio River. He sent photos of the discovery to KENS 5 which shows a large and jagged boulder-like object that looks like it could be some sort of tooth. Villanueva said he […]

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Philippine Giant Crocodile ‘Lolong’, World’s Largest Crocodile In Captivity

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According to the Guiness Book of Records, “Lolong” the saltwater crocodile (Crocodylus porosus) which was caught in Agusan Del Sur, in the Province of Mindanao is the most largest crocodile captive by the local residents. World’s Largest Crocodile in Captivity Image Credit: AP The crocodile weighs 1,075 kg or 2,370 lbs and measures 6.17 meter […]

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Rare Giant Squid eaten by Shark in Australia (Video)

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A giant squid was found in South Whales, Australia by Al McGlashan, a fishing columnist for the Daily Telegraph. The giant squid has become a mystery for the scientist. Aside from being the largest invertebrates or being deep-sea gigantism which means that deep-sea-dwelling animals can display a larger size than their shallow-water counterparts, it is […]

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Mammoth Bones Discovered In Iowa (Video)

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An Iowa family discovers a prehistoric mammoth skeleton in their backyard. The man, a farmer, identified as John first found the 4-foot-long mammoth femur bone in 2010, spotted a marrow line around the top of the ball joint of the femur. This happens two years ago wherein he and his sons thought that it was […]

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Vegetarian Shark: Florence, Nurse Shark, the World’s First Vegetarian Shark (Photo)

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Last 2009, a 6-foot-long shark named Florence made headlines by becoming the first shark to undergo ‘out of water’ surgery to remove a rusty fish hook in her jaw. After her fast and remarkable recovery, the nurse shark was put on exhibit at the Birmingham National Sea Life Center in England. According to Florence handlers, […]

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Miracle Puppy: Puppy falls from the sky and finds new home (Video)

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7-year-old Taylor Calloway was playing in his garden when he came across a tiny weeks-old puppy. The adorable pooch is thought to have fallen some 30 feet from the sky after escaping from the grasp of a hawk in Los Banos, California. The said puppy still had a set of clutch marks on his fur […]

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