Beautiful Bulldog Contest: Tyson Wins ‘2012 Beautiful Bulldog’ (Video)

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Tyson, owned by Tyler and Chelsea Motter, of Urbandale, Iowa, have been crowned as the winner of the 33rd annual Drake Relays Beautiful Bulldog Contest Monday, April 23, 2012, in Des Moines, Iowa. The two-year-old English Dog with a fetching face beat out 49 other pups like a cast of costumed and cleverly named characters, […]

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New species of purple crabs found in Philippines (Photo)

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Four new species of freshwater crab, bright purple in colour, have been discovered in the biologically diverse but ecologically-threatened Philippines, the man who found them said. The tiny crustaceans burrow under boulders and roots in streams, feeding on dead plants, fruits, carrion and small animals in the water at night, said Hendrik Freitag of Germany’s Senckenberg Museum of Zoology. […]

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Armored catfish causing coastal erosion and burrowing holes in South Florida lakes

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A pesky burrowing fish that has no natural predator is wreaking havoc in South Florida. The armored catfish eats away at local lakes, contributing to erosion that can steal more than 10 feet off the water’s edge. Someone even tried spearfishing in a desperate effort to eliminate them, according to one resident of the Royal Lakes […]

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Ksenia the World’s Cutest Cat video goes viral

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Ksenia, an adorable Scottish Fold cat from Russia has become an Internet star and YouTube viewers agreed she is the world’s cutest cat. Ksenia who lives in Russia — made her YouTube debut in December 2011, but has gone viral recently. Some viewers have offered generous sums of money to buy the cat, while others […]

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New “Bumblebee” gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea (Photo)

Biologists from the Papua New Guinea National Museum and the U.S. Geological Survey have discovered a new species of gecko, decked like a bumblebee with black-and-gold bands and rows of skin nodules that enhance its camouflage on the tropical forest floor. Specimens of the lizard, which measures about 5 inches from head to tail, were […]

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Bumblebee Gecko: A new species of gecko discovered in Papua New Guinea (Photo)

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A new species of gecko with bumblebeelike black and yellow stripes was discovered in Papua New Guinea Last May 2010, Herpetologist Robert Fisher of the USGS Western Ecological Research Center found two bumblebee geckos in Sohoniliu Village on Manus Island. The gecko measures about 5 inches from head to tail, and in addition to its bumblebee […]

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Gigantic Great White Shark: 2,000 pound Shark Caught in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez (Photo)

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A 2,000 pound great white shark was caught in Mexico‘s Sea of Cortez last Sunday, April 15, 2012, The shark which was dead when it was brought to the shore was captured by two fishermen Guadalupe and Baltazar. The great white shark measures nearly 20 feet long and weighing almost  2,000 pound is being considered […]

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Huge Dinosaur Eggs Found in Chechnya Region (Photo)

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A team of Russian Geologists have discovered what they believe to be fossilized dinosaur in a mountainous area of Chechnya. Reports say that the eggs found in Chechnya were laid by plant eating dinosaurs 60 million years ago. “We’ve found about 40 eggs so far, the exact number has not been established,” said Said-Emin Dzhabrailov, […]

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Dog Braves Traffic: Dog stay with fatally struck companion (Video)

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Everyone will be amazed with the loyalty of a black Labrador retriever that bravely stay with another dog that was fatally struck by a car. A concern motorist saw the dogs on La Puente street, Wednesday morning. The concern citizen put down traffic cones to alert other drivers and shot video of the dogs. Watch […]

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Geronimo: Double Dutch Dog amazing jump rope skills (VIDEO)

Recently, Giant George was a trending topic over the internet for being the Tallest Living Dog and Tallest Dog Ever Recorded . Another amazing dog was featured on “Good Morning America” last April 13 , Geronimo the double dutch jumping dog shows off incredible jump rope skills. Watch the video of Geronimo’s amazing skills. Video Credit: YouTube/flydog102

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UK Festival: Grand National Horse Race 2012

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The Grand National at Aintree has been a British sporting institution since 1839, when a horse called Lottery won the first Grand National and Captain Becher parted company with his horse at a now famous brook. The Grand National is a race synonymous with a horse called Red Rum, the horse who captured the nation’s […]

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Giant George: Guinness World’s Tallest Living Dog and Tallest Dog Ever Recorded (Photos)

Giant George, a nearly five-feet-tall Great Dane, has been deemed the world’s tallest dog. His owner, Dave Nasser, has released a book about his experience with George titled “Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog.” The Guiness Book of World Records has not only given George the title of the Tallest Living Dog, but […]

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