NASA’s Curiosity Rover Finds Martian ‘Flower’ and Snake-Like Rock

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NASA’s Curiosity Rover had pictures of Mars wherein a “flower” was embedded in a rock and snake like rock is also seen in the surface. This was taken on December 19 by a microscope-like Mars Hand Lends Imager at the end of Curiosity Rover. A clear picture and the real and unedited pictures are also posted […]

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Black iceberg seen photo becomes viral

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The photo of a black iceberg which is not always seen especially by people who never sailed around the world and posting it in Reddit makes many people become fascinated by it. More people have been viewing the photo and make many reaction and comments about it. Black iceberg photo goes viral after posted on […]

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Extinct Whale Found: Pygmy Right Whale DNA Analysis Released (Photo)

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The pygmy right whale which is found only in a narrow band of waters near the South Pole and rarely comes to shore is last relative alive of an ancient group of whales which were believed to be extinct. Last Tuesday in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B present its findings on how and […]

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Amazing!!! Bigfoot is partly Human, found in DNA

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The famous “big foot” also known as sasquatch is found to be partly human as revealed by the study conducted using its DNA. This ape-like creature which people believe to inhabits forest at the Pacific northwest region of North America is said to have a DNA of like of human being. This could be another […]

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Giant sun eruption: Video of Monster Sun Prominence captured by NASA’s SDO

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On November 13, the Sun emitted an M6 classification solar flare, one of the weakest designations still able to cause some disturbances on Earth. Now, just a few days later, the Sun is at it again. NASA’s Solar Dynamic Observatory caught spectacular images and video of the giant sun eruption, the Sun bursting with two prominence eruptions […]

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Doggie duo teaches Chemistry [Video]

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Professor Matthew Hartings, a chemist at the American University in Washington, D.C., came up with an easy-to-understand and adorable way to teach chemistry. In “Dogs Teaching Chemistry,” Paige, a Border collie, and Dexter, a mixed breed, remain very well-behaved while demonstrating some aspects of chemical bonding. They also display the finer points of how a […]

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World’s Rarest Whale: spade-toothed beaked whale seen for first time in New Zealand

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World’s rarest whale that is almost unknown to science has been seen for the first time after two individuals; a mother  (17 feet or 5.3 meters long) and her male calf (11 feet  or 3.5 m long) were stranded and died on Opape Beach on the North Island of New Zealand. A report in the November 6th issue […]

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Alleged Mastodon Tooth found by Fisherman

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Davy Villanueva, Fisherman, says he found what he believes to be the tooth of a prehistoric elephant along the banks of the San Antonio River. He sent photos of the discovery to KENS 5 which shows a large and jagged boulder-like object that looks like it could be some sort of tooth. Villanueva said he […]

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Unpredicted discovery of NASA of Ocean Plant Life

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NASA pioneered the expedition called ICESCAPE, or Impacts of Climate on EcoSystems and Chemistry of the Arctic Pacific Environment, which explored Arctic waters in the Beaufort and Chukchi seas along Alaska’s western and northern coasts onboard a U.S. Coast Guard icebreaker. Using optical technologies, scientists looked at the impacts of environmental variability and change in […]

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Mammoth Bones Discovered In Iowa (Video)

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An Iowa family discovers a prehistoric mammoth skeleton in their backyard. The man, a farmer, identified as John first found the 4-foot-long mammoth femur bone in 2010, spotted a marrow line around the top of the ball joint of the femur. This happens two years ago wherein he and his sons thought that it was […]

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Partial Lunar Eclipse on June 4, 2012

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The partial lunar eclipse on June 4, 2012 will be partly visible from western United States and Canada while people in Hawaii, New Zealand, and central and eastern Australia will be able to follow the whole eclipse.  Partial Lunar Eclipse of 2012 Jun 04 Image Credit: This eclipse will be completely visible over Australia, […]

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Chemistry Project of High School Student goes viral

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A high school student had no idea that a video he made for extra credit in his 10th grade chemistry class would goes viral. Eli Cirino made a music video for a song called “Good Chemistry” specifically for a chemistry class.   Chemistry Project of High School Student Image Credit: YouTube The song explains how the […]

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