Verizon Wireless New Data-focused Pricing Plans for Tablet and Smartphones

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Verizon Wireless will launch new pricing plans on June 28, 2012. This new pricing plans or some may call sharing plans is the new strategy of Verizon Wireless to acquire more and more users for tablets and smartphones. Since tablets and smartphones are the trend nowadays, the company provides the new pricing plans so that everyone […]

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Skydive Dubai unveils the $1.3 billion billboard – “world’s most expensive billboard”

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Skydive Dubai unveiled a billboard that would cost $1.3 billion a month, it features a man flying around it in a jet pack. The $1.3 billion billboard is located near the entrance of Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building in downtown Dubai. Skydive Dubai and the Denver-based Go Fast energy products, demonstrated the billboard stunt last June 1, 2012. The […]

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Angry Birds games hits 1 billion downloads: Angry Birds Download Links

The Angry Birds series has reached a new milestone. Rovio has confirmed that the Angry Birds games or the bird-flinging, pig-destroying portable strategy game franchise have been downloaded more than 1 billion times, across multiple platforms including Windows PC, Android and Apple’s iOS. The milestone comes after the March release of the game’s first true sequel, Angry […]

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Free browser-based “Wolfenstein 3D” released

Bethesda Software have released a free browser-based version of the classic Nazi slaying FPS Wolfenstein 3D, in celebration of the game’s 20th anniversary. It looks like it only contains the original first three episodes, not the Nocturnal Missions add-on or the Spear of Destiny expansion. The game is a remake of the classic Apple II […]

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Toyota Unveils First All-Electric SUV at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium

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May 6, 2012, Toyota Motor Sales, U.S.A, unveils first all electric SUV, the Toyota RAV4 EV at the 26th annual Electric Vehicle Symposium in Los Angeles, an all-electric SUV with an expected driving range rating of approximately 100 miles. Tesla designed the battery and power-train of Toyota’s first all electric SUV. Warranty on battery is 8 years or 100,000 miles with a full […]

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Mother’s Day Sale 2012: Best Buy Great Deals for Techie Mom

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Mother’s Day Gifts for Techie Mommy made easy. Best Buy offers weekly deals online. A major electronics retailer in the U.S., is now offering gadgets, laptops and video games. You can also shop for computers at Best Buy for mother’s day by visiting mobile center where you can select phones and service plans for iPhones, iPads […]

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Apple released iOS 5.1.1 Software Update for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch

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Apple released iOS 5.1.1, an update for the mobile operating system for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch on Monday, May 07, 2012. According to Apple official website the iOS 5.1.1 Software Update contains improvements and bug fixes: Improves reliability of using HDR option for photos taken using the Lock Screen shortcut Addresses bugs that could […]

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LG Electronics to launch new Google TV in U.S.

South Korea-based LG Electronics, the world’s No.2 TV maker is reportedly planning to give Google TV another try in the U.S. — possibly as soon as this month. LG Electronics Inc. hopes to further steal a march on its rivals by bringing forward the launch of a 55-inch flat-screen TV using next-generation technology. The internet-enabled TV based […]

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Long-Lost Apple Commercial Revealed: Steve Jobs as FDR (Video)

A previously unreleased Apple commercial starring none other than Steve Jobs himself, has just been revealed to the public. While the commercial had previously been shown during company meetings, with snippets of the video being released here and there, this is the first time that the public has been made aware of the full length […]

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Titanic Replica: Titanic II to be built and launched in 2016 (Video)

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Clive Palmer, Australia’s fifth richest man, has announced plans to build a high-tech replica of the RMS Titanic, called Titanic II, 100 years after the original ship’s sinking, which will be completed in 2016. Monday, April 30, 2012, Palmer confirmed the Titanic II, to be built in China and it will be the exact dimensions of […]

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Rare Amur Leopard photographed by camera traps for the first time in China

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Rare, endangered Amur leopards have been photographed by camera traps for the first time in China in a protected area, the Wildlife Conservation Society announced April 25. The photos, taken in Hunchun Amur Tiger National Nature Reserve in Jilin Province, bolster a survey estimating that eight to 11 leopards live in the northern Chinese province, suggesting […]

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The World’s Largest Digital Camera: 3.2 billion pixel LSST camera getting closer to reality

If you thought the megapixel wars were over, you’ve probably never heard of the 3.2 billion pixel Large Synoptic Survey Telescope camera. Comprised of 189 sensors and over three tons of components, the Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST), is designed to capture the entire visible sky every week. In doing so, it will create an unprecedented public […]

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