Surgeon Allegedly Left 16 Items In Body After Operation

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Dirk Schroeder, a 74 year old German with prostate cancer accused a surgeon of leaving 16 items in his body during his operation in 2009. This was known when he suffered “appalling agony” after his operation. When he was admitted again in the hospital, a nurse made a shocking discovery that a gauze pad was sticking […]

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Blind Surfer Confront His Abilities in One of the Heaviest Waves (Video)

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It was not easy to surf for you have to deal with water and water sport where you need to ride on the forward face of a wave needs a lot of skills, practice and talent. This represents a diverse ability based on riding the waves. Some people practice surfing as a recreational activity while […]

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Man Suffers Heart Attack After Dancing ‘Gangnam Style’

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Eamonn Kilbride, father of three dropped dead of heart attack after dancing the popular dance style “Gangnam Style”. At 46 Kilbride has been dancing horse-riding style moves to Korean pop sensation Psy’s hit song with his co-workers during their Christmas party, but seconds later suddenly dropped to the floor due to heart attack. The event […]

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Girl Slept for 64 days: Real-life Sleeping Beauty sleeps for 64 days

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Sleeping beauty comes to life! A 17-year-old girl named Nicole Delien who slept for 64 days appeared on “The Jeff Probst Show” to discuss a condition known as Kleine–Levin syndrome, KLS, or Sleeping Beauty syndrome, which causes her to sleep excessively. During her longest sleeping episode, Delien slept nearly non-stop from Thanksgiving until the following […]

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Parents versus school due to alleged “indoctrination yoga”

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Convinced that a form of religious indoctrination is actually taking place, a group of parents in the Encinitas Union School District in California are considering suing their children’s school for the free yoga lessons that were offered. Representing the parents, Attorney Dean Broyles emailed Superintendent Tim Baird and relayed that the said yoga program is unconstitutional. Broyles […]

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Brazilian student auctions virginity for charity

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Brazilian beauty Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year old student, traded her *virginity* at $780 thousand for a charity housing project. Natsu, a Japanese man, earned an evening with the Brazilian beauty after having the highest bid. Natsu topped bids placed by two American men and one big-spender from India. Reports said that Migliorini, a Physical Education major, will […]

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PHOTO of Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl goes viral

A picture of a smiling woman recovering from lung surgery goes viral. The photograph of a 28-year-old woman named Rachel dubbed as ‘Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl’ originally appeared on Reddit – Ask Me Anything section. Ridiculously Photogenic Surgery Girl  Image Credit: According to reports of several international blog and news sites, Rachel has congenital […]

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Fried Roach In McDonald’s Hash Brown and Arby’s Finger on Sandwich

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Recently, there was the “Arby’s finger on sandwich” controversy, and now a fried roach was served with McDonald’s hash browns. Several international news sites reported that a 14-year old boy named Ryan Hart found a piece of finger inside a Arby’s sandwich that he bought at Arby’s branch. The Michigan restaurant shutdown its production and apologized. The unfortunate incident is now under thorough investigation. The trending story of […]

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Zip-line injury: Aimee Copeland shows signs of recovery from flesh-eating bacteria

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A 24-year-old Georgia student Aimee Copeland is showing signs of recovery after being exposed to deadly flesh-eating bacteria in a zip line injury. “Aimee has made drastic improvements today,” Andy Copeland, Aimee’s father said. “She’s a little agitated, but she’s showing more signs of her personality,” Copeland said. “She’s restrained, so she started to get angry, but she […]

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Cancer Patients make awesome Lip Sync of Kelly Clarkson’s ‘Stronger’ (Video)

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22-year-old cancer patient and fledgling filmmaker, Chris Rumble, decided to uplift fellow patients with some music. He got together with some friends to make a video of child cancer patients at Seattle Children’s Hospital lip syncing to Kelly Clarkson’s song “Stronger”. Rumble posted the video to YouTube – Stronger | Seattle Childrens Hospital, where it has […]

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Johnstons: ‘The Real Life Seven Dwarfs’, One Little Happy Family

Amber and Trent Johnson, from Barnesville, Georgia, and their five children (two biological and three adopted) are the largest family of achondroplasia dwarfs, with a type of dwarfism that affects the extremities. Trent Johnston came from a family of dwarfs but her wife had different experience — her parents and siblings are average size. They call themselves ‘the real life […]

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Pregnant With 9 Babies: Karla Vanessa Perez “Pregnant with nine babies” or Not Pregnant?

An interview with Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila was aired by Mexican television stations, the Mexican woman said she is Pregnant with Nine Babies. She claimed fertility treatments led to this multiple pregnancy and also that she already had triplets. “I feel different because there are nine of them. I feel odd, […]

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