Philippines vs. Iraq – FIBA Asia Cup 2017

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Philippines vs. Iraq – FIBA Asia Cup 2017  

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Philippines vs. China – FIBA Asia Cup 2017

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The men’s national basketball team of the Philippines, Gilas Pilipinas defeated China, 96-87 in Day 2 of the 2017 FIBA Asia Cup held in Beirut, Lebanon. Terrence Romeo and Jayson Castro led Philippines with 26 points and 13 points respectively. Watch the Full Game Video of Gilas Pilipinas vs China | FIBA Asia 2017 Video Credit: […]

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Storm chaser films super typhoon Haiyan (typhoon Yolanda) – VIDEO

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Storm chaser and iCyclone founder Josh Morgerman documented the wrath unleashed by super typhoon Haiyan in Tacloban City, Philippines. (Haiyan is locally known as typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.) He and his fellow storm chasers Mark Thomas and James Reynolds arrived a day before the storm struck. They were able to film a neighborhood in […]

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Japan Scientists Filmed a Giant Squid in Pacific Depths [Video]

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It was reported that scientists and broadcasters got a filmed of a giant squid in Pacific oceans wherein it reveals its natural habitat. The Japan’s National Science Museum in cooperation with Japanese broadcaster NHK and the US Discovery Channel has succeeded in filming the creature within half a kilometer depth nearing to its natural habitat […]

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Freshly sliced shark fins found on Hong Kong rooftop [Video]

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Thousands of shark fin was found on roofs in Hong Kong wherein it was not known to the public to get away from public viewing and criticism. These freshly cut fins was seen on the roof of an industrial building this week. It was unusual because most traders dried them on sidewalks but it was […]

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2012 MelOn Music Awards winners announced, Psy wins Global Artist Award (Complete List)

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Now in its 4th year, the 2012 MelOn Music Awards recognizes the best of K-pop in terms of digital sales and online votes. This year’s ceremony was held in Seoul Olympic Park Stadium, December 14, 2012. BEAST was the night’s big winner as he won 3 awards including Artist of the Year. Meanwhile, worldwide sensation […]

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Watch the K-Pop 2012 Melon Music Awards [Video]

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2012 Melon Music Awards will be live broadcasted at 7-10PM KST on YouTube Loen Entertainment and MBC Plus Media announced the top 10 artists nominated for the 2012 MelOn Music Awards – Artist of the Year Award. 2NE1 Busker Busker BEAST Big Bang PSY SISTAR IU Infinite T-ara Huh Gak The 2012 Melon Music Awards, […]

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Pepsi-Chicken chips: Cola, Chicken-Flavored Lay’s a Big Hit in China [Video]

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Who would ever believe that pepsi flavor would go with chicken flavor? Chicken flavor could be salty, sweet and spicy will be combines with the simple and common cola recipe. Further, PepsiCo wants to improve its popularity by combining with company like Lay’s. So this year, Lay’s launched a new smash hit in China: potato […]

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World’s Tallest Lego structure unveiled in South Korea (Video)

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In celebration of LEGO’s 80th anniversary, LEGO Korea built the tallest Lego tower to set new world record. The world’s tallest Lego tower stands in front of Jamsil Stadium in Seoul. The Lego structure used more than 50,000 colorful bricks and took five days to construct. Over 4,000 children joined the construction of the world’s tallest Lego […]

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Li Ying Zhi diamond-studded dress at the Beijing Auto Show (Photos and Video)

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Li Yingzhi, 22, BMW model who wore a revealing diamond-studded dress at the Beijing Auto Show last week has become an overnight star and a trending topic over the web after the dress she wore sparked debate. According to several social network and blog sites, Li Ying Zhi is very popular chinese model from Qingdao. Dubbed […]

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Abandoned Ferrari Enzo supercar to be auctioned in Dubai (Photo)

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Pictures of the dusty Ferrari Enzo have been zooming around the Internet while the real thing sat in a police impound lot for reasons that have never been clear – rumors ranged from it being hot goods in transit to China, to a casualty of the authorities for having been caught doing insane speeds on the […]

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New species of purple crabs found in Philippines (Photo)

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Four new species of freshwater crab, bright purple in colour, have been discovered in the biologically diverse but ecologically-threatened Philippines, the man who found them said. The tiny crustaceans burrow under boulders and roots in streams, feeding on dead plants, fruits, carrion and small animals in the water at night, said Hendrik Freitag of Germany’s Senckenberg Museum of Zoology. […]

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