Shocking Video: Python On Plane Wing

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A nine foot Amethystine python was spotted on the plane wing on a Qantas flight from Australia to Papua new Guinea. The passengers of the said flight were shocked and surprised when they noticed the huge snake on the wing of the plane. Unfortunately, the python was found dead on arrival. Watch the video of the python […]

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Elevator Coffin New Prank of Programa Silvio Santos [Video]

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Its not quite a while when the show Programa Silvio Santos made the prank video using a creepy girl with a doll in an elevator. Well here’s their new hoax. It involves a coffin, a supposedly dead man, and another elevator ride. The victim would always be clueless of what the hoax and prank would […]

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Hurricane Sandy floods New Jersey; Shark found in a front yard (Photos)

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After Hurricane Sandy pounded the eastern seaboard, a shark was photographed by WBTW swimming in the front yard of a flooded home in Brigantine Beach, New Jersey. WBTW has already captured a number of other remarkable images as a result of the storm, some of which are: streets entirely wiped out by rain in Atlantic City […]

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Brazilian student auctions virginity for charity

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Brazilian beauty Catarina Migliorini, a 20-year old student, traded her *virginity* at $780 thousand for a charity housing project. Natsu, a Japanese man, earned an evening with the Brazilian beauty after having the highest bid. Natsu topped bids placed by two American men and one big-spender from India. Reports said that Migliorini, a Physical Education major, will […]

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‘Vampire skeletons’ have been found in Bulgaria (video)

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A “vampire skeletons” have been found by Bulgarian archeologists in Sozopol, located near Black Sea. Bulgarian names for an undead vampire include: Vampir, Vorkolak, Ouber, Ustrel. Bulgarians believed that a vampire is a corpse which returns from the grave. A person who died a violent, unnatural death or whose corpse was jumped over by a […]

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Bigfoot Video Captured by Teens in Idaho

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A large shady creature which appears to be a Bigfoot is spotted walking through the trees across a canyon. A shaky and out-of-focus video shot by teens in Idaho is said to possible show a Bigfoot walking through thick brushes. From a distance, the teens were able to tell that it was no local wildlife. […]

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California family found Lexus in their backyard swimming pool

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A 40-year-old California male is indicted of pushing his Lexus by a dust retard wall and into a family’s backyard swimming pool. The man, Modesto Cabral, was arrested on guess of pushing underneath a change on Sunday after a 5:25 a.m. one-vehicle crash. The La Puente, Calif., family described a weird stage to reporters. “We woke […]

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Zip-line injury: Aimee Copeland shows signs of recovery from flesh-eating bacteria

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A 24-year-old Georgia student Aimee Copeland is showing signs of recovery after being exposed to deadly flesh-eating bacteria in a zip line injury. “Aimee has made drastic improvements today,” Andy Copeland, Aimee’s father said. “She’s a little agitated, but she’s showing more signs of her personality,” Copeland said. “She’s restrained, so she started to get angry, but she […]

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World’s Longest Name: 161-word Name Registered by British Woman (Video)

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The 161-word name was registered by Dawn McManus through The Legal Deed Poll Service in England. She is legally changing her name to “Red Dreams” but there are 159 additional middle names between her first and last name. A spokesman for the Legal Deed Poll Service confirms that McManus‘ new name is the “longest name” […]

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Pregnant With 9 Babies: Karla Vanessa Perez “Pregnant with nine babies” or Not Pregnant?

An interview with Karla Vanessa Perez of the northeastern state of Coahuila was aired by Mexican television stations, the Mexican woman said she is Pregnant with Nine Babies. She claimed fertility treatments led to this multiple pregnancy and also that she already had triplets. “I feel different because there are nine of them. I feel odd, […]

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Abandoned Ferrari Enzo supercar to be auctioned in Dubai (Photo)

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Pictures of the dusty Ferrari Enzo have been zooming around the Internet while the real thing sat in a police impound lot for reasons that have never been clear – rumors ranged from it being hot goods in transit to China, to a casualty of the authorities for having been caught doing insane speeds on the […]

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Pregnant Man Thomas Beatie Separates from Wife, Journey Of A Pregnant Man Video

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Thomas Beatie, famously known as the Pregnant Man, has separated from his wife of 9 years and according to Beatie, she still hasn’t seen his new man parts yet. 38-year-old Beatie made the break-up announcement during a recent taping for the show “The Doctors” — admitting he and his wife Nancy were going through a […]

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