World’s strongest kids: Giuliano and Claudi (Video)

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Recently, 7 year-old Romanian muscle boy Giuliano Stroe stars in viral video performing incredible push-ups. Giuliano has become an internet sensation with his amazing shows of strength while balancing his hands and feet on bottle tops and doing some push-ups. Tuesday, Giuliano’s younger brother Claudi Stroe, 5, joined the first with the title “World’s Strongest […]

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Triple play – Moon, Jupiter and Venus Line Up this Weekend

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This past weekend, Saturday and Sunday, three planets joined the moon in an unusual sky alignment. Moon, Jupiter and Venus came together in a shining triangle which gives stargazers a celestial delight. These celestial bodies have been joined by Mercury last Monday. Aside from Planets, the moon is offering a dazzling sight of its own. […]

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Ohio School: 5 Students Shot, 1 Dies At Chardon High School (Photo and Video)

SUBURBAN CHARDON, Ohio – One student was killed and four were injured in a shooting at high school in Ohio, Monday morning, authorities have reported. According to report, a teen gunman opened fire inside the school cafeteria when he deadly shot one and followed by shooting other four students who suffered serious injuries. During the […]

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Mystery of Blue-Skinned Family Solved

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The ancestral line of the blue skinned family started in 1820, when an orphan named Martin Fugate settled at Troublesome Creek in eastern Kentucky. When Benjamin “Benjy” Stacy was born in 1975, his blue skin frightened doctors, but his grandmother suggested that he looked like the “blue Fugates of Troublesome Creek.”   Doctors have since […]

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9-year-old girl died after being force to run

ALABAMA – Joyce Hardin Garrard, 46 (grandmother), and 27-year-old Jessica Mae Hardin (stepmother), of 9-year-old child are in police custody facing murder charges arising out of the child’s death. Savannah Hardin, 9-year-old girl, was forced to run for three hours as punishment for lying to her grandmother about eating candy. The girl suffered extreme dehydration and […]

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27-pound Giant Lobster named Rocky caught off Maine Coast

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MAINE COAST – A 27-pound giant lobster was caught at district of Rockland, Maine coast. Robert Malone, fisherman; went fishing for shrimp and was surprised when he actually caught a monster lobster. After catching it in his nets, Malone decided to give the lobster to the Maine State Aquarium.  The lobster who’s weighed 27 pounds […]

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5 year old Boy craving to be a Girl

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When he was 3-year-old, Zach Avery told his mother that he thought he was a girl.  His mother Theresa Avery, 32, decided to seek the guidance of experts. After several consultations, he has been officially diagnosed with Gender Identity Disorder (GID). 5-year-old Zach is almost unrecognizable. With his long hair tied back in pigtails, pink […]

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Cannibal Arrested in India

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MEERUT, INDIA – A man caught with a kidnapped child shocked police by telling them that he roasted abducted children he could not sell and at times ate their flesh too. Amar Singh, Cannibal arrested; answered that he roasted kids. According to police, her mother also ate those roasted children. Singh stated that he ate […]

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90-year-old Grandma Dance Tribute to WHITNEY HOUSTON (Photo and Video)

Dancing with the tune of Whitney Houston’s hit “I Wanna Dance With Somebody”, video of 90-year-old grandma goes viral. After she was recorded performing a dance tribute to Houston, it becomes an online hit and gained more than 300,000 viewers. The 90-year-old granny named Jeanne, who suffers from legally blind and hard of hearing, proves […]

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“WATER WORLD” – Newly Discovered Planet

A newly discovered planet orbiting a small, nearby star appears to be a “water world” with a surface that might be covered with liquid water. According to David Charbonneau, scientist of the Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics in Cambridge, Mass “This is certainly the first planet around another star which we think is mostly made of […]

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