China’s Next Space Plan: 100 satellites to launch from 2011-2015

Beijing, China – Space officials stated plans to complete 100 launch missions and send 100 satellites into space over the next five years. The country’s spending on the industry is keeping in proportion to the growth of its national economy.

China Space Plan, 100 satellites to launch from 2011-2015

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Xinhua reported on Saturday than on an average, China will complete about 20 launch missions each year before 2015. Nonetheless, Zhang Jianheng, deputy general manager of the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corp (CASC), stressed that China’s space industry is developing in a moderate manner.

In November 2011, China accomplished the first unmanned space rendezvous and docking test between the Tiangong-1 space lab module and Shenzhou-8 spaceship.




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