Dead Russian satellite to fall from space next week

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The Russian Space Agency will be guiding a dead Russian satellite from space staring March 20. A senior official from Russian’s state-owned satellite telecommunications operation said that the telecommunications space satellite dubbed as Express-AM4 which was launched into earth orbit in August, into a controlled atmospheric descent starting this week and any surviving pieces should land in the Pacific Ocean.

Dead Russian satellite

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Express-AM4 was a 5,800-kilogram satellite and built by Astrium Satellites which carried 63 active transponders in C- Ku- L- and Ka- bands.

The satellite has been stuck in a too-low orbit following the failure of the Breeze M upper stage of the Russian Proton rocket.

“We have decided to splash it between March 20 and March 26,” Dennis Pivnyuk, chief financial officer of the Russian Satellite Communications Co. (RSCC) said



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