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Parents today seem to be favoring the unusual and practically unique baby names. Gone are the days when over half of the children born were given popular names. More and more parents are choosing unheard of foreign names, old fashioned names; place names not commonly used as given names, and made up names that chances are, they will never meet another with the same name.

But have you heard how expecting couple looks help with baby name from Facebook? Yes, u heard it right. As we all knew, Facebook is a social media that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them. But how does this site opt for a couple’s baby name?

Dave and Lindsey Meske, a couple in Chicago Illinois, are expecting Cooper; their chosen name for their soon to arrive baby boy. But what if the doctor announced that they’re actually having a baby girl instead of a baby boy? The said couple decided to create a Facebook online poll “Name my Child”, to select which name will be given to their baby. The poll sum up for names: Mckenna, Addilyne, Madelyn and Emily. Just like a trending issue, Dave found this poll really addicting and fascinating.

And finally, the results have come up. “Madelyn” framed out, “McKenna” gaining 1,310 of votes ranking on second spot, followed by “Emily” and receiving the least number of votes goes for “Addilyne”.




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