Former Saint Jeremy Shockey denies Snitching on team

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Warren Sapp called Jeremy Shockey a snitch. Wednesday afternoon, Warren Sapp, former NFL defensive lineman, sent out a note on his Twitter account that pointed the finger at former Saints tight end Jeremy Shockey as the leak on the bounty program.

Jeremy Shockey

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On his verified Twitter account, Shockey denies that.

“It’s reckless, it’s careless, it’s hurtful to me and the great time I had with the Saints,” said Shockey, after the accusation.

“Sapp can say what he wants about me, but if he really says that he’ll put his life on the line for his source, we’ll see. I’ve never been a guy who failed multiple drug tests. I’ve never been divorced. I don’t have four kids by four different women. I don’t lie. This attacks my character and it’s not fair,” said Shokey.



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