Freshly sliced shark fins found on Hong Kong rooftop [Video]

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Thousands of shark fin was found on roofs in Hong Kong wherein it was not known to the public to get away from public viewing and criticism. These freshly cut fins was seen on the roof of an industrial building this week. It was unusual because most traders dried them on sidewalks but it was a surprised when Gary Stokes who had an photo of these thousand numbers of fins.

Thousands of shark fins found on Hong Kong rooftop:

Shark Fins on Hong Kong rooftop

Image Credit: Gary Stokes/Sea Shepherd

It’s been known to the world that shark fin industry is abundant in Hong Kong, it is accountable for half of their global and economic trade. According to environmental campaigners that more than 10,200 metric tons of shark fins were imported in 2011 and it has become very popular in the world trade.

There are many recipe and menu which can be done in shark fin and people are very fond of its natural tastes and aroma it brought to the consumers. However, it is still not a good sign to overfish especially when it reached thousands of shark fins. This will endangered their species.

Stokes said that these videos and photos which was released in March caught attention from local and international government and environmentalists. However, Ho Siu-chai, president of the Hong Kong Sharks Fin Trade Merchants Association, denied that there was pressure, saying the traders were using the roof because they probably didn’t have enough space and wanted to take advantage of the cool, clear weather.

But many of the shark fins coming into Hong Kong were being shipped to mainland China, according to Stokes. “With the middle class becoming more affluent, the demand is definitely growing” in mainland China, Stokes said. “But in Hong Kong it’s actually decreasing. I think that in Hong Kong people are starting to realize that it’s not that cool.”

The environmental concerns about shark fin species made some hotels and business in Hong Kong to limit their offers of shark fin products and the city;s biggest airline, Cathay Pacific Airways, has stop carrying it in air cargo.

These incidents necessarily mean that there is abused on the abundance that the environment and marine biodiversity bring. So it must stop now before it was too late and the whole ecosystem will be affected by these abuses.

Watch the video:

Video Credit: YouTube/AlJazeeraEnglish



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