Gay member alleges he was beaten and imprisoned by fellowship church

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Michael Lowry cried foul as he claimed being held captive by a World of Faith Fellowship Church member for four months, after the group discovered that he is gay. Lowry, a 22-year old Charlotte area man, also disclosed that he was emotionally and physically abused by the Church members.

According to him, he was locked up in a “dorm-like” facility where his head was hit with fists while he was on the floor. He also shared that his hands and feet were held down while he was being pushed on his chest.

The World of Faith Fellowship Church previously faced child abuse investigation, while its Founder, Jane Whaley, was convicted of abusing a congregant. But Whaley’s conviction was later reversed and the church won a $300,000 lawsuit against the North Carolina Department of Social Services.

Whaley countered Lowry’s allegations and called them lies. However, former World of Faith Fellowship member Jerry Cooper divulged that he also saw members being held down against their will and paddled. Cooper even labeled the group a cult.

Lowry’s physical abuse and imprisonment allegations are now being investigated by the Rutherford County District Attorney’s office.

Faith in America Executive Director, Brent Childers, stated that if truth will be found Lowry’s claims, the incident would end up a hate crime.



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