Giant George: Guinness World’s Tallest Living Dog and Tallest Dog Ever Recorded (Photos)

Giant George, a nearly five-feet-tall Great Dane, has been deemed the world’s tallest dog. His owner, Dave Nasser, has released a book about his experience with George titled “Giant George: Life with the World’s Biggest Dog.”

Giant George Great Dane

Image Credit: Dave Nasser

The Guiness Book of World Records has not only given George the title of the Tallest Living Dog, but has also named him the Tallest Dog Ever.

Giant George

Image Credit: Dave Nasser

George weighs 230 pounds and eat 180 pounds of food a month. His daily diet consists of two cups of rice, one cup of dog food, three quarters of a cup of chicken and four or five tablespoons of yogurt.

Once the word got out about George, he was immediately recruited for various tv shows, but for Nasser, transporting the dog to the studios proved quite difficult.



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