Gigantic Great White Shark: 2,000 pound Shark Caught in Mexico’s Sea of Cortez (Photo)

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A 2,000 pound great white shark was caught in Mexico‘s Sea of Cortez last Sunday, April 15, 2012, The shark which was dead when it was brought to the shore was captured by two fishermen Guadalupe and Baltazar.

The great white shark measures nearly 20 feet long and weighing almost  2,000 pound is being considered as one of the world’s largest fish ever captured.

“We were amazed and immediately realized that we had a huge, dead, great white shark, and then we thought what are we going to do.”, Guadalupe said

2000 lbs Great White Shark

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2000 lbs Great White Shark

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After careful consideration, they decided to tow the shark back to the beach and radio for help. 50 people had to struggle to pull the shark on land, reported Pisces Sportfishing.

Great White Shark

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Investigation on how the protected specie got near the shore is being done by the Environmental Protection Agency (Profepa) officials.



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