Honda recalls CR-V over car fire issue

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Honda will recall its CR-V sports utility car in Britain because of a fault which could lead to the driver’s door catching fire. The fault applies to the second series of Honda CR-V built between 2002-2006.

Honda CR-V

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Honda global recall involves nearly 500,000 vehicles. There are 220,000 CR-Vs in Europe, around 268,000 in the US, and 100 in Africa also being recalled. The fault has been identified as a faulty seal on the switch, which means that water or liquids could seep into the master switch, controlling all the windows.

Over time, according to the manufacturer, the liquid can cause the switch to overheat, melt and eventually cause a fire.

Honda will begin contacting CR-V owners next month and cars will be repaired for free.

Recently, Honda also recalled 820,000 Civic cars and Pilot SUVs because of headlight failures.




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