Honest Bus Driver Returned a $500,000

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An Austrian Bus Driver honestly returned 390,000 euros ($509,700) found in a luggage of an unidentified elderly woman last month in Vienna. The transport authority spokeswoman Anna-Maria Reich said that the bus driver who saw the left luggage in the bus with half a million dollars inside and immediately returned it through a police who tracked down the owner of the bag.

Honest Bus Driver Returned a $500,000

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The honest driver, identified by the Vienna transport authority only as Wolfgang R.

According to Boston.com, the driver was awarded with a firm pat on the back from Austrian officers. The unidentified woman has not contacted the bus driver to offer him an award.

Up until now, the unidentified owner has not even contacted the bus driver, offer a reward or even say “thank you” to the driver. Though the driver is not expecting any reward but only to return the money to its rightful owner, isn’t giving something as token of gratitude must be in order? Furthermore, there is still no report why the woman brought so much cash with her.



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