Huggies Ad Sparks depicting Fathers as hapless caregivers

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Huggies Diaper Ad backfires among Dads. A criticism forces Huggies to tug controversial commercial depicting clueless fathers. Many fathers say representation of dense parenting is offensive.

Huggies Commercial

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After the controversial commercial, Huggies changed its campaign dubbed as “Have Dad Put Huggies To The Test”.

Huggies posted several videos last week as part of the campaign demonstrating Huggies diapers’ performance in real life situations.

But some dads saw things differently. Chris Routly, a full-time stay-at-home father from Pennsylvania, said that instead of diapers, dads are putting into test. “I was disappointed; they tried to do right by dads, but played up the stereotype while claiming to celebrate fatherhood,” says Routly.



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