Hundreds Of Venomous Black Widow Spiders Hatch in Shipping Container

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Among many types of spiders, the venomous black widow spider is the most famous and well known. Recently hundreds of these spiders hatched in a shipping container when it is on its way to Norwich from Arizona. The Mirror reports that pest control experts were called to Fendercare Marine in Norwich after workers spotted the distinctive creepy crawlies.

black widow spiders hatching

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Mark Cook of Fendercare Marine told EDO24: “It is not something you expect to see, especially in the outback of Norfolk. Our guys are used to checking for wildlife, so when they spotted the spiders they shut the doors to keep them trapped in.”

At first, the employees of the shipping container had no idea of how many spiders were hatched inside the container; however, they took two spiders for identification of what kind of spider is inside. It was easily identified because it exhibit the red hourglass on the ventrum underside or top of the abdomen though some may have a pair of red spots or have no marking at all. Black widows are the most poisonous spiders in North America. Although their bites can be fatal, in most cases they are not. Mr Cook added: “The little creatures have a bad reputation with people thinking their bite is immediately fatal, but generally people are just fairly sick.”



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