Hurricane Sandy left Manhattan in the dark; but the lights are still shining at Goldman Sachs (Photos)

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Amid the chaotic news coverage of Hurricane Sandy, a photo of Goldman Sachs‘s 200 West Street headquarters made the rounds. The lights were off at the Freedom Tower in Lower Manhattan, but Goldman Sachs still managed to keep their lights on as of an hour ago.

Goldman Sachs Was Not Washed Away in Hurricane Sandy

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Goldman’s building lit by a backup generator while many buildings in Lower Manhattan were darkened by power outages, creates anger on Twitter:

The fact that the NYU hospital is dark but Goldman Sachs is well-lit is everything that’s wrong with this country.
— Ken Shadford (@kenshadford) October 30, 2012

But Goldman spokesman David Wells told Daily Intel on Tuesday that Goldman’s building had been only one of many in the neighborhood to stay lit. (Indeed, in the photo, the building on the right, across the street from 200 West Street, appears to have power as well.)

“We weren’t the only building with light, but we do have a generator,” Wells said. “We’re not drawing power from the grid.” Goldman is detailing its emergency aid measures on its Twitter feed:

BPC residents please come to the storefront on Vesey and North End Ave from 2pm to until darkness falls for water and charging stations
— Goldman Sachs (@GoldmanSachs) October 30, 2012

hurricane sandy goldman lights on

Image Credit: Instagram user @eelain212.




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