Iceman Mummy ‘Otzi’: Oldest human blood ever found (Photo and Video)

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Iceman Mummy: the mummy of an iceman named ‘Otzi’ was discovered on 1991 in the Italian Schnal Valley glaciera. Is believed to be Oldest human blood or the oldest traces of human blood  ever found.

A new research published today in the Journal of the Royal Society Interface, helps confirm the story of Otzi’s death.

The Iceman was well preserved that scientists could estimate his age his health, his last meals and even his probable cause of death, an arrow wound to the shoulder that sliced an artery, according to several international news sites.

Oetzi The Iceman

A new model of the living Otzi has been made by Dutch experts Alfons and Adrie Kennis.The model was based on three-dimensional images of the mummy’s skeleton as well as the latest forensic technology.

Albert Zink, a biological anthropologist at the European Academy of Bozen/Bolzano, leads the study that uncovered the elusive cells. “It was very surprising, because we didn’t really expect to find compete red blood cells,” Zink said. “We hoped to find maybe some remnants or shrunken red blood cells, but these are looking like a modern-day sample; the dimensions are the same.”

Preserving the body – Death of the Iceman

Video Credit: YouTube/BBC



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