Infinitis’ first fast hybrid car in 2012

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Infiniti plans to lift the covers off Japan’s first battery-electric luxury car during the upcoming New York Auto Show.

Infinitis’ first fast hybrid car

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There’s always a catch with hybrids, of course, and that catch is weight. In the M35h, the penalty is 265 pounds compared with a conventional M37, which Infiniti claims is 66 fewer pounds than the toll exacted by the Lexus GS450h’s hybrid system. That means the M35h should weigh in around 4300 pounds. Infiniti claims the M35h has fuel economy close to that of a 1.8-liter economy car.

Company executives suggest they expect some serious sales numbers from the new model.  But the real benefit is likely to come from credibility. So Infiniti is hoping to use the battery car, which shares the basic underpinnings of the Nissan Leaf, to position itself as a legitimate player in the global luxury market.



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