Is your name on top form to PROMOTE?

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When your baby is born, you come to the important and imperative step of naming your baby. As parents you likely have given consideration to naming your newborn after a mother, father, brother or sister. Perhaps you have glanced through lots of baby name books or even on the internet, to see which names are currently well-liked.

What you name your children will have a reflective effect on the development of their mind, personality, self-confidence, and career path. This is based on the study of professors at Melbourne and New York Universities.

New research suggests that simple and easy to pronounce names were more likely to be prop up on certain fields like Tom and Jane, Mary and Michael.


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Simon Laham, author from University of Melbourne, says that the effect is not merely to the length of the name, but rather how easy it is to enunciate.

“People simply aren’t aware of the subtle impact that names can have on their judgments,” says Adam Alter, professor of New York University.

So, how does u find your given name? Are you ready to take a promotion?



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