Japan Scientists Filmed a Giant Squid in Pacific Depths [Video]

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It was reported that scientists and broadcasters got a filmed of a giant squid in Pacific oceans wherein it reveals its natural habitat. The Japan’s National Science Museum in cooperation with Japanese broadcaster NHK and the US Discovery Channel has succeeded in filming the creature within half a kilometer depth nearing to its natural habitat under the ocean.

Giant squid filmed for the first time in Japan

Photo By NHK/NEP/Discovery Channel

Giant squid has become one of the legends in the world, from the different story of ship wreck where some are fiction and some could be real. Many sailors and ship crew cited stories about giant squid but no one has ever made distinct evidence that they exist. There were searched group and crew who made exploration of the waters to find the ocean-dwelling beast submersible to descend to the dark and cold depths of the northern Pacific Ocean, where at around 630 metres (2,066 feet) they managed to film a three-metre specimen but no one succeeded until this film. The creature is thought to be the genesis of the Nordic legend of Kraken, a sea monster believed to have attacked ships in waters off Scandinavia over the last millennium.

Today, modern-day scientists utilizing their Moby Dick-style search used a after around 100 missions wherein they spent 400 hours in the cramped submarine, the three-man crew tracked the creature from a spot some 15 kilometres (nine miles) east of Chichi Island in the north Pacific. Museum researcher Tsunemi Kubodera said they followed the enormous mollusc to a depth of 900 metres and filmed it. NHK showed the footage where the silver-colored creature with black eyes and very much alive but not attacking anyone.

“It was shining and so beautiful,” Kubodera told AFP. “I was so thrilled when I saw it first hand, but I was confident we would because we rigorously researched the areas we might find it, based on past data.” He said that creature had its two longest arms missing with more or less eight meters long. The giant squid named “Architeuthis” by the scientist described as the missing link of the mysteries of the ocean. Furthermore, Architeuthis eats other types of squid and grenadier, a species of fish that lives in the deep ocean.

Watch the video below:

Giant squid filmed for the first time
Credit: YouTube/Charika Nimiro



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