Jeremy Wuitschick: 13 year old hero saves school bus from crashing (Video)

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Jeremy is only a seventh-grader student from Milton, Washington can be analyzed as the new hero when this 13 year old boy courageously grabbed the wheel when the bus driver started to grasp for air and started to faint.  Wuitschick was one of dozens of students on his way to Surprise Lake Middle School, about 30 miles south of Seattle, on Monday morning when he noticed that the bus driver “starts acting all funny. His eyes are bulging. He’s twisting in his chair,” Wuitschick told KCPQ-TV. The bus then began veering off the road.

jeremy wuitschick

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It was like a Hollywood movie “Speed” when the bus is not totally in control. In this scenario, Jeremy is the star who saved lives of other students in the bus. He actually drives the bus into safety. It is really brave for him to take action on such situation.

The media has become in massive commotion when they learned what the boy did. Speaking later to KOMO News, the seventh grader added: “I was just acting on instinct.” The boy is not yet licensed but have been practicing to drive cars and allowed by his mom to back their car out of their garage. The 43-year-old driver, who has not be identified, was in a “grave condition” in hospital suffering from heart problems.

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