Johnstons: ‘The Real Life Seven Dwarfs’, One Little Happy Family

Amber and Trent Johnson, from Barnesville, Georgia, and their five children (two biological and three adopted) are the largest family of achondroplasia dwarfs, with a type of dwarfism that affects the extremities.

Trent Johnston came from a family of dwarfs but her wife had different experience — her parents and siblings are average size.

Johnstons 'The Real Life Seven Dwarfs'

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They call themselves ‘the real life seven dwarfs’ and embrace their size, and say they ‘strive to raise their children in the world that’s not built for them’.

Trent and Amber met at a little people’s convention, dated for almost four years and married. Five months later Amber was pregnant.

Johnston wanted to have big happy family that’s why they turned to adoption. They adopted Ana from
Siberia, Alex from South Korea, and, in 2010, Emma from China.

Watch the Video: Georgia Family Happy to Be ‘The Real Life Seven Dwarfs’



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