Kim Kardashian gets powder-bombed (Photo and Video)

At Kim Kardashian’s True Reflection fragrance launch on Thursday, bystanders were shocked when the star was flour-bombed out on the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian

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After posing with her mom Kris Jenner for a few pics, Kim, 31, paused to conduct a few interviews. That’s when Kim, who was wearing skin-tight leather pants, a cobalt blue blouse and a black blazer, was doused with an entire bag of flour from head to toe! While onlookers gasped, the reality star was ushered off the red carpet as workers vacuumed the mess.

Meanwhile, the flour-bomber, an as-yet-unidentified woman, was hauled away in a police car, covering up her face.

Watch the video from youtube posted by celebrityfootage



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