Mammoth Bones Discovered In Iowa (Video)

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An Iowa family discovers a prehistoric mammoth skeleton in their backyard. The man, a farmer, identified as John first found the 4-foot-long mammoth femur bone in 2010, spotted a marrow line around the top of the ball joint of the femur. This happens two years ago wherein he and his sons thought that it was a bowling ball.

Mammoth Bones Discovered In Iowa

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He further kept on finding more bones he decided to bring in earth moving equipment. He also asked the help of archeologist and paleontologist from University of Iowa and until recently they kept on finding more and more bones. They continued to dig up until they found the vertebrae and the ribs in one place.

According to the archeologists that the skeleton is found where the mammoth really died because all bones are connected and near to the small ones. They also said that the mammoth bones, is at least 12,000 years old, were found about 10 feet underground in Oskaloosa, Iowa yard.

Family Finds Mammoth Bones In Backyard
Video Credit: YouTube|CrazyNews88



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