Michael Jordan’s New Mansion 12.4 Million

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Famous basketball player Michael Jordan new mansion which cost 12.4 million and last for 3 years to be fully built is now finished. The mansion has 11 bedrooms and has cigar-friendly theater as well as basketball court to maintain his pace for basketball.

Michael Jordan New Mansion

Michael Jordan New Mansion

The mansion which comprises a main house, pool house, guest house, as well as a two-story guard house is seen through satellite view.

The Real estate website Zillow state in 2010, “Plus, the great one will be further hidden behind a wall of trees. Jordan reportedly purchased multiple lots for $4.8 million (below). Combined with construction and furnishings, Lichtenstein claims this estate will run Jordan northward of $20 million, making it the ‘ most expensive non-waterfront home in the Palm Beaches.’ “

“The home is “insane” and “a waste. “Cities see nothing more than a tax base in these giant homes, but I can’t imagine anyone needing anything like that, except to show off,” Davis said. “This house is going to require an enormous use of natural resources for no good reason,” said by Joanne Davis, a growth management specialist in US.

The mansion is located in the midst of a really exclusive golf community known as Jack Nicklaus’ Bear Club. There is nothing more for a famous basketball player who spend his entire career in playing ball games to have his own “home” aside from his previous home which is the “court.”



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