Mr. Universe 1952: Manohar Aich celebrates his 100th birthday (Photo)

‘Pocket Hercules’: Former Mr Universe Manohar Aich flexes his muscles as he poses for a photograph on the eve of his 100th birthday in a gymnasium in Kolkata, India.

Manohar Aich 100th birthday

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Celebrating his 100th birthday, the muscular Manohar Aich who are being crowned as Mr Universe way back 1952, give a piece of advice stating ‘don’t take life too seriously’.

Body builder Aich who suffered poverty, shift in prison and minor stroke, overcame difficulties to achieve his body building glory.

Manohar Aich

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Manohar Aich, who is 4ft 11ins tall, was born in small town of Comilla, Bengal. After seeing group of wrestlers exercising and building their muscles, Aich was attracted on it. Pursuing his training, British officer named Reub Martin encouraged him to focus on it, resulting himself to achieve world’s championship.




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