New Canadian coin with dinosaur features glows in the dark (Photo)

Glow in dark is usually for children who are afraid of the dark. But Canadian government gave a new glow with their coins. The coin will be just any ordinary coin in daytime but when the dark came, the dinosaur features at the center will glow. It really amazed kids who will see it and every coin has their own kind of dinosaur. It is also very educational for those kids who are really not into archeology.

Canadian coin glows in the dark

Image Credit: Royal Canadian Mint

According to the Canadian government, they are doing this due to economic crisis and this is one way to cut the cost for their expenditures. On April 16, 2012 they will introduce the quarter having an image of a Pachyrhinosaurus lakustai. Its remains were found in Alberta in 1974, the first new species of dinosaur to be discovered there.

The coin has a photo-luminescent technology and will be a part of prehistoric creatures and animals. These coins are also for sale and eventually cost $29.95 each. The image is best seen when it is exposed to light 30-60 seconds and that the luminescence will not fade.



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