New Fantasyland: A Fantasytech in Disneyland

Guests are encouraged to experience magical moments of Disney princesses and their experience using the innovation of technology. When the New Fantasyland opens last Thursday in the Magic Kingdom, they accommodate a park full of different accommodations as doubled in size and being the largest expansion of the theme park in almost 41 years of existence.


The New Fantasyland

The New Fantasyland | Image Credit:

“It gives guests another level of immersion,” says Tom Staggs, chairman of Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We have technology to play with that Walt Disney didn’t have.”

One part of the expansion is the Beast’s Castle (in Beauty and the Beast movie), which sits atop Be Our Guest restaurant. This allows guests to order at touch-screen kiosks and take radio-frequency devices to their tables specialized for lunch or could be any time of the day if they want to eat (this changes as time changes). Once the pager is placed on the table, servers know exactly where to deliver the food so meals will arrive within minutes via a glass-enclosed cart.

“Everything is fresh, made to order, and for lunch we are hoping for the bustling kind of energy like the movie scene (from ‘Beauty and the Beast’) in the dining room,” says Lenny DeGeorge, Walt Disney World executive chef.
In the evening, the restaurant transforms into fancy table-service dining, inviting guests to feast upon French onion soup, mussels Provençal and charcuterie while sipping on French wines and beers. This is a first, since alcohol has never been served before in the Magic Kingdom.

This is only some of the fantasytech of the park and if you want to know what else could there be, it is possible that you must experience it rather than just reading how wonderful and magical Disneyland could be.



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