North East Line (NEL): Sabotage Transit not ruled out, say SBS Transit

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Singapore, SBS Transit still does not rule out sabotage as a possible cause of the disruption in train services along the North East Line (NEL). Disruption on Thursday, affect some of 90,000 commuters.

North East Line

Image Credit: Yahoo! photo/Jeanette Tan

On a press conference, Thursday, Wong Wai Keong, SBS Transit’s Executive Vice President; clarified that the main cause of disruption are the two stainless steel wires that were cracked and which provide support to the electrical system powering the NEL trains.

“This is something that we are still investigating, because (the) two cables are actually stainless steel cables, which are supposed to be very strong. And we have looked at the failed cables; the condition of the cable was in a good condition. There was no corrosion, there was nothing bad identified at the moment,” Keong said.



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