Obama administration proposed Consumer Privacy Bill of Rights

The Obama administration on Thursday proposed a patch up of online privacy rules and regulations. The proposal, hailed as “Privacy Bill of Rights”. According to The New York Times report, “The framework for a new privacy code moves electronic commerce closer to a one-click, one-touch process by which users can tell Internet companies whether they want their online activity tracked”.

The privacy bill of rights does not impose any immediate new obligations on online companies. President Barack Obama said it is just part of a broader plan to give Americans more control over how their personal data is used online.

The seven point “bill of rights” calls for “individual control, transparency, respect for context, security, access and accuracy, focused collection, and accountability”.

Google, Yahoo and Microsoft

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In conjunction with today’s White House announcement, advertising networks associated with Google , Yahoo , and Microsoft have come out with a “Do Not Track” agreement, promising not to track the location of web browsers, something the Federal Trade Commission has been advocating since 2010, posted at finance.yahoo.com.



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