Ohio Sinkhole: a 200-foot-long sinkhole collapses in Dover Township

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Corresponding to News Net 5, a 200-foot-long sinkhole collapses in the area of Route 516 West in Dover, Ohio on Wednesday, November 28, 2012

200 foot long sinkhole collapses in Ohio

200-foot-long sinkhole collapses in Ohio | Image Credit:Times-reporter Jim Cummings 

The enormous sinkhole is more or less 85 feet deep and a hundred feet wide which means that a large section of the way is consumed by this sinkhole. But it is a relief that nobody was hurt when it appeared and officials immediately closed this section of the road for precaution. Any change to the hydrologic system (putting more water in or taking it out) causes the system to become at least temporarily unstable and can lead to sinkholes. The Dover Fire Department stated that a cave-in at the Newton Asphalt Plant seemed to be probably in charge pertaining to resulting in the roadway to collapse.

According to Ohio Highway Patrol, Lieutenant Eric Escola:

“We’re very fortunate it didn’t happen in the middle of the night,” he explained, adding that motorists could “have fallen in there, and could have easily caused fatal injuries.” Fortunately, this wasn’t the case.

200-foot-long sinkhole

200-foot-long sinkhole in Dover Township  | Image Credit:Times-reporter Jim Cummings

This large depression in the Earth’s surface, often shaped like a well or a funnel, that can be up to several miles in diameter can be a real problem since it could hurt people or it could affect the whole Ohio as well.



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