Parents versus school due to alleged “indoctrination yoga”

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Convinced that a form of religious indoctrination is actually taking place, a group of parents in the Encinitas Union School District in California are considering suing their children’s school for the free yoga lessons that were offered.

Representing the parents, Attorney Dean Broyles emailed Superintendent Tim Baird and relayed that the said yoga program is unconstitutional. Broyles also gave a warning that legal actions will be initiated if the district doesn’t end the program.

According to him, there is a deep concern that the Encinitas Union School District is using taxpayer resources to promote Ashtanga yoga and Hinduism, a religion system of beliefs and practices. Jois Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes the practice of Ashtanga yoga around the world, subsidizes the said program at $533,000. The yoga classes, which involve traditional eastern breathing techniques and poses, have teachers and curriculum chosen and set respectively by the district.

Jois Foundation director Eugene Ruffin denied that the group is religious, for it actually includes people with different faiths. He stated that their therapies are headed toward truing to find solutions for some of the stress that these children find themselves in.

Meanwhile, Superintendent Baird stated that only a few parents have pulled their children from the yoga classes. He said that it is their goal to provide the kids a really healthy workout that will give them the chance to relax and reduce stress. According to Baird, yoga is perfect for that, being a worldwide exercise regime and a part of their mainstream culture. He also declared that the district already removed any religious content from the classes.

But, Mary Eady, one parent who took her son out of the yoga classes, disagreed. Eady is certain that it has not been done yet that’s why many parents are still left uneasy. Thus, they are still very much eager to pursue their planned legal undertaking versus the school.



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