Philippines Dog Hero: Kabang the snoutless dog is now ready for cosmetic surgery

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Filipinos dog hero which is now snout-less due to incident of saving two kids in the Philippines beat cancer. According to the reports in December 26 that the dog is now ready for cosmetic surgery. According to Gina Davis who is the primary care veterinarian at William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital “There is no evidence of any remaining tumor.”

Kabang dog that lost snout

Screenshot: YouTube/news5philippines

“As far as we know she has been cured of the transmissible venereal tumor”, she added.

Its is famous that Kabang was brought to the veterinary hospital due to the help from different countries who cares for the dog and other donations was through Facebook and Twitter accounts who has been amazed by the dog’s heroism. Website and pet lovers’ blogs also influence this mission to help the dog hero

But still the dog needs more bed rest to avoid dead worms which is circulating in the bloodstream. The dog still needs 2 doses of heart worm medicines before getting ready for the surgery. “It will be one to two months for her to recover from that before she goes in and has the surgery,” Davis added.



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